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Hazelwood Acres Pet Cremation (807) 627-2684

Locally owned and operated. Serving Thunder Bay and district since 2007.

Your pet will be cremated individually. Your cremation cost includes a classic, ceramic urn and the certificate of cremation.

Home pick-up is available from most parts of the city for $35. Please note that we will treat your pet with dignity and respect. To help us, please ensure your pet is contained in a suitable manner.

At Hazelwood Acres we do our utmost to keep our services affordable for your household.

Individual cremation cost depend on the weight of the pet.

0 - 15 pounds.........$145

16 - 50 pounds.......$160

51 - 75 pounds.......$175

76 -100 pounds......$185

100-120 pounds......$250

Due to safety considerations, we are no longer able to accept pets that weigh over 120 pounds. We apologize for any inconvencience.

Please contact your veterinarian's office to make arrangements.