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Hazelwood Acres Pet Cremation (807) 627-2684

Locally owned and operated. Serving Thunder Bay and district since 2007.


When your cherished pet passes away, consider using our cremation services. We are local and we work with Thunder Bay veterinarians to ensure that your pet is carefully taken care of.

We can pick your pet up from the veterinary service of your choice. Should your pet pass away at home, we may be able to pick your pet up from certain areas of the city for a fee of $35. Please ensure that your pet is contained in a suitable manner.

About Pet Cremation.

Cremation ensures that your pets' remains will be with you for years to come. Intense heat transforms your pet back to its basic elements. Cremation accomplishes in minutes what would take years to happen naturally. After cremation there is only purified bone fragments remaining. Next is a cool-down period before the cremation chamber can be opened. All remains are carefully removed and are further processed into a fine sand-like texture. Remains are placed into an urn and returned to you.


Children dealing with the Loss of a family Pet